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Dropoff - Pickup Procedures

Before School Drop off Procedures

Drop off in the back of school
Drop off at the back entrance (off of Smock Street) and drop off at the back curb so they walk into the west entrance of school. Please do not pull around an unloading car. Wait until they are unloaded and moved out of the way. You may leave out the US 31 exit (west) or circle around the back parking lot and leave via Smock St. (back to Edgewood)

Park in the church parking lot and walk children in.
PARK in the Church parking lot (not the parish center parking lot or the funeral home) and walk your children into school or at least walk them to the sidewalk.
Please do not drop off at the curb at the church parking lot and let your children walk in. There are other children and parents following the correct procedures that may be at risk by cars pulling up to the curb.

After School Pick Up Procedures

Pick Up in Back Parking Lot
Pull into the back parking lot behind school starting at 2:50pm (first person in line should open the gate). Inside row (closest to the grass) is for parents with Kindergarten children. Please pull all the way around the parking lot, do not park near the building if there are spots available ahead of you. We need all cars to pull ahead to get as many cars in the back parking lot as possible. Cars that come into the back parking lot after the 3:00pm dismissal will be stopped so students can cross safely and those cars may pull up (AFTER all cars are dismissed) for a second loading of children. At dismissal, students will walk out to the cars. When all students are safely in their parents vehicles a staff member will release the cars one row at a time. Please do not attempt to leave or ask to leave before the staff member releases each row. If your child does not come out to your car before cars are dismissed, you may exit the parking lot and immediately return to the back parking lot to pick them up. PLEASE
USE CAUTION WHEN LEAVING THE BACK PARKING LOT! Keep your eyes open for any children.

Pick Up in Courtyard
Parents should park in the church parking lot and meet their children in the courtyard (area between church and school) and walk your children to your car in the church parking lot (not the funeral home, not the parish center). Please do not pull up to the curb in the church parking lot and have your children get into your vehicle. You need to park your car, and walk to the courtyard to pick up your children (rain or shine!). Students will not be allowed to walk out to the church parking lot on their own. If you have a disability or injury that prevents you from walking to the courtyard, email me and we will make arrangements, or use the back parking lot to pick up. When you have your children in your car, please be very careful when backing out of your parking space and when leaving the church parking lot. Students are all around you!

If You Are Running a Few Minutess Late
If by chance you are running a few minutes late, you can park in the church parking lot or if there are spaces behind school, and walk into aftercare (media center) and sign your child out of After Care (Mrs. O’Neill). All students that are not picked up by 3:05pm will be taken to After Care. You will not be charged if it is before 3:20pm!
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